I'm trying once again to organize our photos and videos.  I've come to the conclusion that I should not try to organize them neatly or thoroughly but let my tools from Google do it.  And when needing to find something hopefully their search tools will assist and my little bit of organization.

Today I've started uploading to Google (for free), all of our photos and videos, via Google Picasa.  There is a pretty easy tool for batch uploading and syncing.  Once uploaded into your Google account they work to create cool "Auto Awesome" images and videos.  The above is one it has created.

It was from part of my time I was working from home as a programmer.  My office was down in the basement and at one time our kids and I decided to paint the old brick wall. They did all the painting but with a little influence on the design.  It ended up being school and community logos, e.g. Zeeland Chix, Western, Feel the Zeel, etcetera.

This movie is great because it really brings out the joy they got out of the time.


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